Is there anything more satisfyingly transformative than creating beautiful objects from mud?  

Through my work as a ceramic artist, I strive to bring life and aesthetic form to one of the most basic elements of our world.  Clay and pottery arts connect us humans to the Earth in a way few things do in our modern life, and they have done so since prehistoric times.  Ceramic form and function represents not only the evolution of our survival traits, but also the evolution of our subjective values and refinement.  It is the metamorphosis of the mundane to the extraordinary: nature and chemistry at its finest.  

My work endeavors to highlight the artistic value, in addition to the utilitarian value, of our everyday objects - the weight, texture, rim, balance, design, color, curve, flow - all vital aspects of creating pieces that are tactilely and aesthetically satisfying to their user.  I often experiment with symmetry versus asymmetry in design; where symmetry evokes balance and comfort, asymmetry brings a slight sense of unease and contemplation to a piece, causing its viewer to process its details more fully.  My passion for color is also often evident in my work.  Color has a fascinating effect on our brain chemistry, moods and behaviors.  Color is light and light is energy.  The vivacity, tone, placement, and opacity of color on any given piece changes how our eyes and our brain processes them and consequently, how we feel.  In playing with symmetry and the various dimensions of color in my work, I seek to affect the user’s mood, feelings and sense of well-being.

I work predominantly in stoneware, both white- and red-bodied clay, and fire in a mid-range (cone 5-6) oxidation atmosphere.  I often alter the shape, surface and feel of a piece after throwing it on the wheel and use a variety of methods to achieve color in my work: underglazes, colored slips, mason stains, and glazes.  I also specialize in alternative firing techniques, such as horse hair firing and raku.  


If I were a cat, I'd be on the third of my nine career lives.  I started as a scientist, became an attorney, and now have found my life's love in ceramics, teaching, and promoting the arts and arts education in my community.

I work, both as an artist and as a teacher, primarily through the wonderful Eagan Art House.  I am also a founding board member of Art Works Eagan; a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing studio space, resources and opportunities to working artists to help them, and the local arts community in general, thrive.

As if that weren't enough, I am also a mom to two crazy, fantastic little girls whose quirky creativity serves as a constant source of joy and inspiration for me.


  • 1st Place in the category of 3D, Eagan Art House Harvest of Art Exhibition, 2015
  • Two pieces accepted for the City of Eagan's "One x One" Exhibit, May 1 - July 1, 2016 (exhibiting at the Eagan Westcott Library and the Eagan Community Center)
  • One of six artists chosen to participate in the Inaugural Eagan Community Supported Art (CSA) Program, 2016 (details here)