The Horse Hair firing method was thought to be first used by the Navajo Native Americans.  Once thrown and air dried, the pottery’s surface is covered with terra sigillata (“sealed earth”), a thin white slip that when burnished, creates a smooth satin finish. The pieces are then heated in an outdoor kiln to between 1000-1100°F and removed when they are glowing red.  Lastly, strands of horsehair are placed on the hot surface of the pottery, instantly burning and leaving carbon prints unique to each piece.  Due to the extreme temperature fluctuations involved, hairline fractures in the terra sigillata surface are not uncommon, and add to the unique quality of each piece.

NOTE: Because the clay body does not fully vitrify at these relatively low temperatures, horse hair pieces are NOT food or water safe.

CUSTOM ORDERING:  I would be thrilled to create a one-of-a-kind piece for you using hair from your own horse.  To inquire about details and pricing, please contact me.